Thursday, August 20, 2015

I just do.

A couple weeks ago, I had a text conversation that left an impression. I was texting with a competitive athlete about her training. I know how long my training takes...and I'm only doing a fraction of what her training demands. This person is an adult with normal grown-up working to pay for shelter and food. (Being a grown-up is so overrated.) So I couldn't help but does she do anything else?

"How are you going to fit a job into all this training?"
"I just do. ..."

I just do. Of course. When something is a big deal and non-negotiable, people make it work. Happens all the time. Parents coordinating kiddo stuff. They just do.

I was struck by her simple (profound) answer...and thinking maybe I don't have any "I just do." Right now, my life is pretty easy. (I am grateful!) I should have plenty of time and energy to "just do" what I want...and yet...

Fast forward. Last night, I was out to dinner with a colleague and her (grown) daughter. Her daughter is in the midst of a career crisis. She asked about my work history...she was not interested in the actual jobs, she was very interested in the why. She wanted to know..."Why did you apply for each job?" We were talking about my job at FedEx...and I said "I'm super debt adverse. My scholarship money ran out...I wanted to finish school...FedEx would pay for school...all I had to do was pass a weightlifting test and throw boxes from 11p-5a and I could go to college. WithOUT debt. That was a big deal to me."

"You worked night shift?" (Colleague)
"You went to college during the day?" (Colleague)
"How did you do that?" (Colleague)
"She just did mom...that's what people do." (Colleague's Daughter)

She just did. I do have it.

Turns out...just do is a product of motivation. That means it's available to everyone (including me!) at any time. All one needs is the right motivation.

Work. School. When my brother was sick and I went home to help. I just did. I've had seasons where my I just do was prominent. I guess...I just haven't needed it lately.